Mountain Stream Symposium II: Continuing Challenges for Critical Ecosystems

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Mountain Stream Symposium II (MSS II) was held at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia on September 21, 2013. This symposium highlighted emerging research and management to understand challenges facing mountain streams in the central Appalachian region.

The first Mountain Stream Symposium (MSS1) was held at the University of Virginia in 2004 to mark twenty_five years of watershed research and monitoring in Shenandoah National Park by the Shenandoah Watershed Study.

The organizing committee for MSS II included Christine May, Assistant Professor, JMU Department of Biology, Tom Benzing, Professor, JMU Department of Integrated Science and Technology, and Rick Webb, Senior Scientist, UVA Department of Environmental Sciences. Support for the symposium was provided by 4-VA and the JMU Department of Biology. Video was provided by JMU Media Production Services.

SPEAKER            AFFILIATION        TITLE                
Todd Scanlon UVA Virginia's Mountain Streams: What Thirty Years of Research Tells Us About Future Impacts of Acid Rain and Climate Change   video      pdf     
Andy Dolloff USFS & VT More is Better, But Still Not Enough: Insights From 20 Years of Monitoring Brook Trout and American Eels in Blue Ridge Mountain Streams   video      pdf     
Mark Hudy USGS The Importance of Scale: Assessing and Predicting Brook Trout Status in its Native Range   video      pdf     
Than Hitt USGS Spatial Structure of Stream Thermal Sensitivity Affects Climate Change   video      pdf     
Jeb Wofford NPS Aquatic Ecosystem Health in Shenandoah National Park - A Summary Based Upon Benthic Macroinverebrate Monitoring Results   video      pdf     
Dawn Kirk USFS Aquatic Resoration on National Forest   video      pdf     
Paul Angermeier VT Perspectives on Stream Fish Movement: A Conceptual Framework and Empirical Tests   video      pdf     
Robert Humston WL Stocking Brook Trout in Virginia's Headwater Reservoirs: Dispersal and Direct Genetic Impacts on Native Stream Populations   video      pdf     
Jason Lynch USEPA The Acid Rain Program: What it Means to Mountain Streams in Virginia      pdf     
Gary Berti TU Applied Practices of Stream Habitat Enhancement, Restoration and Protection   video      pdf     
Tom Benzing JMU Stream Temperature Studies on South River in Augusta County and Waynesboro for Targeting Trout Restoration Efforts   video      pdf     
Steve Reeser VDGIF A History of VDGIF's Wild Trout Management Program   video      pdf     
John Ross CCR The Center for Coldwater Restoration, Waynesboro VA   video      pdf     
Joe Keiper VMNH Water Resources as a Central Theme in a Proposed Natural History Interpretive Center in Waynesboro, VA   video      pdf