VTSSS 2010 Survey

The VTSSS 2010 survey was the third regional survey conducted with the assistance of Trout Unlimited and other volunteer organizations. In late April and early May of 2010, stream water samples were collected from most of the mountain headwater streams in Virginia that support reproducing brook trout. The samples were analyzed in the SWAS-VTSSS program lab at UVA for constituents related to acid-base status (see Water Quality Measurements).

Previous surveys were conducted in 1987 and 2000. Following the first survey in the spring of 1987, a geographically distributed subset of streams was selected for continuing quarterly monitoring. An additional set of streams in Shenandoah National Park is monitored on a more-intensive basis as part of the Shenandoah Watershed Study (SWAS).

A total of 457 native trout stream sites were sampled during the 2010 survey, including the sites that are routinely sampled on a quarterly or more-intensive basis. In addition to the natural resource agency and SWAS-VTSSS staff who sample the routine monitoring sites, 165 volunteers, organized by 18 Trout Unlimited chapter coodinators, took part in the sampling.

The sample analysis data obtained for the 2010 survey, as well as for previous surveys and quarterly sampling, are available online through the Mountain Stream Database.


VTSSS 2010 Survey Results
Rick Webb, TU Chapter Presentations

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Virginia Trout Stream Sensitivity Study: Evidence for Recovery From Acidification (extended abstract)
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Virginia Trout Stream Sensitivity Study: Results for Shenandoah National Park
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